Hang on, Where’s After Partie.com?

Hi, first of all thanks for heading to After Partie.com. But I bet you're wondering where it is, well I’ve decided to close After Partie, but for good reason.

First though the core of After Partie, a “social hub for the electronic music industry” will live on, but as part of Sumo Radio VIP.

I’m working behind the scenes here at Sumo HQ, to develop an exclusive social network for supporters of Sumo Radio, and lovers of dance music world wide.

Every user will get a public facing profile page, but with the added twist that only paid members of Sumo Radio VIP can comment, and friend a user. The aim is to reduce trolling, and build a social network of REAL people, not fake profiles.

Sumo Radio VIP will also be great value for money. As well as all the awesomeness of a social network, Sumo VIP will also have regular monthly competitions and giveaways, all for less than the price of a cup of coffee.


If you love what you’ve read, and want to reserve your username, drop me an email to vip@sumoradio.uk and I’ll add you to the VIP list.

Thanks for reading,

Matt “Producer Matt” Auckland


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