Close My Eyes (Don Diablo Edit)


Corderoy - Close My Eyes (Don Diablo Edit)

Release Date: 28th March 2016
Style: House
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Now, those that know me with will say that this review might be a little bias, as I've been good friends with Corderoy for many years. But, I pride myself on giving honest reviews, so without further ado, lets get into it.

Corderoy, aka Dale Corderoy, is not a fresh face to the electronic music scene. With a pedigree of releases (yes, I used pedigree, and we're not referring to dogs) on labels such as Perfecto, Vandit (with Judge Jules), Monster Tunes, and Mondo, Dale is a seasoned pro when it comes to dance floor business.

With his roots in Trance, Dale is a master of the euphoric sound, and "Close My Eyes" has that in spades!

"Close My Eyes" is one of tracks that when it ends you think "Is it over already?". That my friends is called getting lost in the moment, which begins with a short, but commanding vocal hook, cleverly layered in effects to allow the sound to envelope you.

As the track progresses the vocal is quickly joined by a deep, pulsating electronic bass line, which seems to scream "festival sound system please!". Coupled with hypnotising synths, the listener is lead towards a euphoric break down, which allows first the vocal, and then the rest of the track to build before hitting a double drop, the percussion, and cue the lasers. POW!

Producer Matt's Verdict: Regulars to my reviews will know I like give a final verdict to tracks a really love, and this is no exception. Regardless of our friendship, and the amount of times I've seen him drunk (lolz), "Close My Eyes" is an incredible track that has legs, as they say. With further releases from Corderoy in the pipeline, including "Generation" out in July on HEXAGON, this is certainly a massive release for both Dale, Don Diablo, and the label, and it's coming to a festival near you!


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