Coming Over feat. James Hersey (Tiesto Remix)

Dillon Francis & Kygo

Dillon Francis & Kygo - Coming Over feat. James Hersey (Tiesto Remix)

Release Date: 12th February 2016
Label: Columbia (Sony)
Style: Progressive House
Buy Online: iTunes

I have to admit that I'm normally a House and Deep House kinda guy. That being said, I don't judge music by its genre, instead I live my musical life by one simple rule, "if I love it, I'll play it!"

Now, if you add to that the fact I was into my Trance back in the day, you'll begin to understand why I love this remix from Tiesto.

Featuring the vocal talents of Austria singer-songwriter James Hersey, "Coming Over" is taken from Dillon Francis's 2015 album, "This Mixtape is Fire."

Collaborating with Norwegian DJ and producer Kygo, who quite frankly is blowing up charts from here to Australia and back with his own releases, "Coming Over" resurfaces 6 months after its initial release with a fresh batch of remixes, most notably from Dutch veteran, Tiesto.

Tiesto's take retains the original synth sound, and injects a good helping of that main stage progressive house business. But the magic doesn't stop there, as the original 87 bpm beat is replaced with a pounding 123 bpm's of goodness.

The bassline itself builds up to a breakdown, which unleashes a euphoric chord progression reminiscent of Trance, well at least in my humble opinion anyway, and serves as the icing on the cake.

All in all another solid remix from Tiesto, and that is why I believe this one is destined for summer sound systems, and dance music radio stations everywhere!


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