Lovers Friends (Midnight City Remix)

MÖWE & Daniel Nitt

MÖWE & Daniel Nitt - Lovers Friends (Midnight City Remix)

Release Date: 16th May 2016
Label: The Bearded Man (Armada Music)
Style: Deep House
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Oh how much do I love this track! Mel & Clem, aka MÖWE team up with German songwriter and producer Daniel Nitt, on the lyrically catchy "Lovers Friends" out now on The Bearded Man.

Originally a deep chilled out affair at 100 bpm's, Midnight City, aka Jonny Hayes and Josh Jones, sprinkled there own special brand of magic on this work of art, flipping it into a big Deep House belter that'll have you singing along, no matter where you are.

The addictive chord progressions, and exhilarating vocals and lyrics all come together to make "Lovers Friends" one of the most upbeat summer vibes you'll hear this year, making it a firm fixture here on Sumo Radio!

Producer Matt's Verdict: I just can't help singing along to this, it's addictive, seriously. With out a doubt the Midnight City remix we spin here on Sumo is the best version for that summer party vibe, yet it has so far been impossible to find a Soundcloud or YouTube video for it. So enjoy the original mix below, and keep it locked to Sumo Radio to hear Midnight City's stonker of a remix.


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