Feel Like This Forever

STP & Kevin Yost

STP & Kevin Yost - Feel Like This Forever

Release Date: 6th April 2015
Label: i! Records
Style: Deep House
Web: facebook.com/kevinyostmusic
Buy Online: amazon.co.uk

It has been difficult to find any information or reviews for this track, so I'll give you my own take on this number.

Released as part of a 3 track EP in January 2015, "Feel Like This Forever" is a solid production with a simple yet effective vocal.

The track itself isn't busy or full of clever effects, instead it opts to keep things simple and effective. A solid groove that maintains the vibe from the first beat, to the last.

The original EP included "Juice Is Like Wine" and "Beneath Content" both by STP, finishing off a solid release spanning 121 to 124 BPM's, perfect for any Deep House set.

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