Hardwell Poke-trolls Ultra Europe 2016

Dutch DJ Hardwell, drops a Pokeball at Ultra

Hardwell Poke-trolls Ultra Europe 2016

Dutch superstar DJ and producer Hardwell, drops an ultra-size pokeball at Croatia music week.

Superstar DJs love to troll both each other, and the fans with increasing frequency.

From Deadmau5 wearing Skrillex’s phone number on a t-shirt at the Grammies, to Tiesto trolling EDC Las Vegas, by revealing that he is Marshmello, or not as the case maybe.

But Hardwell has combined trolling a large crowd, with one of the biggest crazes at the moment.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 2 weeks, you might have heard about Pokemon Go mania. The mobile game that is sweeping global, with both kids and adults alike trying to catch them all!

So with a stroke of genius, and one last track to play in his set, Hardwell dropped a Pokeball on the good people of Ultra Europe 2016. And they all sang along!



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